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My life has not been easy. I have had many struggles in my life. Especially when I was in a car accident that changed my life. It caused me to lose someone dear to my heart. Going through the process of healing, I was confined to a wheelchair and couldn’t walk for almost two years. 


My doctors told me that my life will never be the same and that in order for me to even walk without a limp then exercising will have to be a part of my life. Without a doubt or hesitation, I was determined to push forward. So ever since then I have made exercising a part of my routine and lifestyle. I remember the comment, “If you don’t stay active then you will be prone to develop Arthritis at a young age”!  So working out it is! I don’t have a limp! I’m able to do things and the doctors are still surprised that I can be active. 


It is my testimony that God is good and that it is important to have a positive mindset! So being from Philly I’m a little extra with a little fabulous flair so when I workout I have to stand out just like I would stand-out as I do outside of the gym. 


I’m a Leo Lioness that’s been through a lot and I am working to reach new goals. I want to remind you that by wearing Tpantha you will look and feel like the winner that you are! Today, I am doing what I was put on this earth to do! I know that you can do the same! Let’s reach for the stars!

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